peninsula speech plus

Plus adj: /plʌs/  giving or being more than anticipated

Peninsula Speech Plus are a passionate team of specialised and experienced Allied Health professionals supported by a warm, knowledgeable client service team. We offer collaborative, person focused services to child and adult clients across the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and surrounding areas.


why us?

We know “one size does not fit all”.

We partner with you and your family ….to create individual, imaginative multi-disciplinary services that work for you and have a meaningful impact on daily life.

We are registered providers for NDIS… inclusive …plus experienced…plus informed…plus caring…plus fun…

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our latest blog posts

Speed Cubing

Speed Cubing

R U R’ U’, Edge, Face, Pop, Algorithm, TPS (turns per second). What do all these terms have in common? Speedcubing. That colourful cube toy from the...

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The Wonders of Virtual Visits

The Wonders of Virtual Visits

In March 2020 lockdowns shut us into our rooms and all of the joys of life were taken away in a press conference at 1 pm on the tele, we were all in...

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