Like you, we have been bombarded by the news of Coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as observing panic buying at the local supermarkets. This is unsettling for all of us and we know you will be wondering about how this might affect your Speech and OT sessions.

Our first priority is always the health and wellbeing of you as well as our fabulous team.  This is closely followed by wanting to make sure we keep working on your Speech and OT goals.  We are mindful of not wanting progress to be interrupted or regress given the hard work already done.

With news about banning large gatherings and new terms like “social distancing,” we understand you may be anxious about attending sessions or having us coming to home visits.  Rest assured we are taking this seriously and are doing everything we can to prevent you from being exposed to the virus, especially if you or your family are particularly vulnerable.

At Peninsula Speech Plus we have increased our hygiene practices and implemented a best practice approach to prevent the spread of the virus.  By following each of the following practices we protect not only you but also our team so they can continue to be there for you.

1.     Wiping hard surfaces – we start each day with a wipe down of desks, door handles and countertops and repeat this between sessions.

2.     Washing hands – our team are washing their hands thoroughly between each session.

Fun fact: Did you know that washing your hands with soap regularly for at least 20 seconds is the single best thing you can do to remain healthy or to avoid passing on the virus?  Soap destroys the outer layer of the virus effectively killing it.

3.     Reducing waiting room time – we are working harder than usual to ensure we run sessions on time, so you spend less time in the waiting room.  You are encouraged to pay at the front desk when you arrive for a session so that you can leave immediately once the session is complete.

4.     Removal of toys – for the moment we have removed all toys from the waiting rooms. It is difficult to ensure these are cleaned after every single use, so it is easier to take them away for now.

For those of you still concerned about face to face contact in the clinic or at home, we have a number of flexible approaches to ensure you can still access therapy.  Talk to our team to discuss options including:

a.     Taking home visits outside (to a park for instance). Fresh air and plenty of distance between you and the therapist.

b.     Taking the session online via telehealth.  We can conduct our sessions via online video.  This gives you physical isolation while still conducting sessions in an effective and convenient way that is supported by clinical evidence.

c.     Emailing “homework” to be discussed over the phone.

These options help us meet our two highest priorities of safety for all and the progression of therapy goals.  They also give us the flexibility to continue your sessions if any staff are forced to isolate themselves.

Talk with us today to work out the best approach for you.  We are still here; we still care about your success and together we will see our way through this Coronavirus situation.