I love it when I get the chance to work beyond the clinic room. This week I had the absolute pleasure of working with a group of Scout and Joey leaders. In my work with young people on the Autism Spectrum, I realised that many of them are involved in Scouting with varying degrees of success.  This encouraged me to head out and make connections with local leaders to share information and discuss strategies.

Scouts is a great program for all young people. The Scout movement provides a value system program. Scouts play a constructive role in helping young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, and social potential as individuals. The program is structured with clear guidelines for achievements. This structure is ideal for children on the spectrum. Lots of wins here.

The challenges of course, can be around the social aspects of working with their peers. Working in groups requires ongoing awareness of others, negotiation, and consultation.  On top of this is the ability to stay well regulated. A visit to a Scout Hall filled with young people will soon inform you about noise levels. So many challenges.

The leaders and I talked about how being social is so much more than taking turns and having manners. We talked about the activities and social abilities required to be successful. The strategies discussed are in essence, universal design, they are helpful for everyone.

This meeting is the first of many, as we share our knowledge and skills to ensure that young people succeed.  We love moving beyond the clinic room and sharing our knowledge.  Let us know if you want to collaborate.