The Introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims to give individuals and families greater control and choice over who provides their services.
There are a number of ways Allied Health professional conduct therapy and support the achievements of their clients and families. Under the various models, professionals work as a team around the family in differing ways. It is important to understand what methods of service delivery are recommended and considered best practice.
Key elements of the models are presented below.
Challenges of the Transdisciplinary/ Key Worker Model
· challenges, contradictions and ethical concerns for practitioners working within the Key Worker model who are delivering programs outside the discipline in which they were trained.
· practitioners will need mentoring/coaching and ongoing training and support from the other practitioners to be able to operate effectively in the Key Worker role
· what are the experience requirements for practitioners working under a Key Worker model?
· ensuring there is sufficient investment in supporting and maintaining the quality of
relationships and communication between team members to ensure the effectiveness of the Key Worker model
· requires a clearer understanding and definition of the areas in which role release is and is not appropriate across specialty fieldsEach team approach described above has unique characteristics that help define the framework for team interaction. Advantages and limitations exist for each of the approaches but the key components consistently identified as essential for successful team collaboration include:• A shared framework of trust
• Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
• Respectful and empathetic open communication
• Appreciation of diversity
• Equal participation among all team members
• Established common goals
• Consensus decision making
• Solution-focused problem solving
• Ongoing evaluation
• Strong leadershipPeninsula Speech Pathology Services work as part of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams. We believe strongly in providing therapy in the areas we are trained and qualified in.References
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