This blog is part two  – Working on Speech  Part one

Your Speech Pathologist will be able to equip you with different strategies and techniques to ensure you and your child have successful practise at home. After all, perfect practise makes perfect! Home practise is very important to assist your child in establishing their sound from the isolation level, right up to the generalisation level. Your Speech Pathologist will be able guide you as to how much homework to complete, but it is most important that the homework is fun! You may be provided with activities from your therapy sessions to complete, but these can be made fun by incorporating them in game play. Don’t be afraid to get creative – as long as you are working at the right level for your child and are implementing the correct strategies.

Some of our favourite activities at Peninsula Speech Pathology Services are:

  • Card games: play memory, ‘Go Fish’, snap or ‘UNO’ with your sound
  • Games: have a turn of a game for every time you say your sound right. We love Pop Up Pirate, the Beetle game, fishing, Mr Potato Head –your child will already have some at home they love!
  • Books: There are so many books you will already have at home that contains your child’s target sound. Think ‘Spot’ books for ‘s’, ‘The Cat in the Hat’ for ‘k’ – the list is endless!
  • Posting: post picture cards with your sound into your real or a made letterbox
  • Scavenger Hunt: Hide picture cards or find things around the house/backyard that begin with your sound.
  • Talking Towers: have a competition using Lego to see who can get more blocks by saying their sound right.
  • iPad apps: ArtikPix, Articulation Station, Articulation Carnival, Speech with Milo and Webber Artic Photo Castle are some great apps, although they do cost!

If you have a little person in your life that is tricky to understand, or you would like some more information about what we provide at Peninsula Speech Pathology Services, please call our friendly reception on 03 5975 1500.