Speech Pathology for Children

Our aim is to provide services that are relevant for your child and family in everyday life.

Our therapists have expertise in a range of developmental speech, communication and learning difficulties, and provide therapy in a bright and fun therapeutic atmosphere.

We believe in working in a child centred model of practice; encouraging collaborative work with parents, carers, teachers and other health professionals in delivering effective intervention services. We are happy to be in contact with other members of your child’s team at any time and can provide reports on a regular basis.

If you have any concerns about your child’s speech, language or listening development, our team has staff specialising in the following areas: Ages 0-4, Ages 5-12 and Adolescents.

We are registered providers under the Helping Children with Autism, Better start and NDIS funding scheme.

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Ages 0-4

Parents become extremely concerned when they feel their babies’ and toddlers’ communication abilities are delayed or impaired. When they first arrive at our clinics, they often feel overwhelmed by their situation and powerless to help their children.

The speech pathology services provided by our skilled practitioners offer immediate comfort to parents. After diagnosing the difficulty, we create a plan to move forward with your child’s communication growth as the focal point.

Fun and engaging speech therapy and other techniques can assist with:

  • Enhancing communication
  • Helping children express themselves
  • Generating the skills to engage, interact and develop friendships
  • Promoting confident and happy kids
  • Avoiding behavioural problems

Please call the clinic now if you have any concerns about your child’s speech impediment or other speech development issues. We collaborate with parents to pass on the knowledge that will assist their youngsters.


Ages 5-12

Stuttering, language delays, unclear speech and auditory processing disorders at this relatively early stage can leave a lasting impact if untreated.

Our speech pathology clinicians are specially trained to detect and improve the symptoms of these conditions using a variety of speech therapy techniques.

We do this in a supportive, fun and nurturing environment that always keeps the parents informed while their child is relaxed and enjoying the sessions.

Speech pathology in this age range can assist with –

  • Communication, social skills, coping skills
  • Academic achievements, literacy development
  • Understanding the curriculum
  • Friendship development

By working on early reading skills, spelling, speech clarity and phonological awareness our speech pathologists can assist with your child’s development. If you feel your son’s or daughter’s language and communication abilities are delayed or in need of evaluation, please call. A speech pathology session may be all that’s needed to put your mind at ease.



Being a teenager is hard enough without having communication difficulties. There are numerous techniques available to speech pathology clinicians that can help your teenager overcome stuttering or language processing difficulties.

In a sensitive environment, our speech therapy programs will address these and more and help restore your teen’s confidence.

Peninsula Speech Pathology has vast experience dealing with teenagers and we are of great value when it comes to –

  • Improving social skills and interaction
  • Sustaining friendships
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Overcoming learning difficulties
  • Understanding the curriculum
  • Language requirements for essays and written assignments
  • Presentation skills
  • Navigating the teenage world

We do all of this in a caring environment which is sensitive to the needs of teens and brings out their best. It’s a wonderful journey for parents too as they witness their child’s personality come out of its shell and enter the world. If your teenager’s energy is drained or they lack motivation because of a speech related issue, call us. We can help.