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It Takes Two to Talk 



It Takes Two to Talk is a program developed by The Hanen Centre for parents of young children (under age five) with language delays. At Pen Speech Plus It Takes Two to Talk® is run by our Hanen® certified Speech Pathologists. This course includes parent groups to learn the strategies, and home appointments to help you practice them with your child. This provides parents with the tools, strategies and support to help their child reach their full communication potential.

The Pen Speech Plus team will guide you to help your child’s communication by:

  • Using everyday family routines as the basis for intervention
  • Using child-parent interactions as the basis for learning to communicate
  • Responding sensitively to your child’s needs and wants

By learning in a small group with other parents, you get support and input from people who understand what you are going through. Not only do you walk away from the program armed with strategies that are proven to improve your child’s language development, but you also gain a valuable support network of peers.

Parents are the most important people in their child’s life. One of the greatest gifts parents can give their child is the help he or she needs to communicate and connect with the world. In the It Takes Two to Talk Program, you learn practical and powerful strategies to help your child communicate and interact during everyday routines and activities. It is within these familiar, real-life interactions with you that your child’s communication skills will grow

When: Tuesdays nights – ZOOM training sessions starting from Tuesday 26th April. 

Coaching sessions at home to follow. 

Where: ZOOM and Home Visits 

Cost: $3500 – includes 29 hours of contact and ITTTT (It Takes Two to Talk) book

A fourth coaching session to be booked with your kinder, childcare or Grandparents.  You can also have this as a fourth session at home. 

Peninsula Speech Plus has several Hanen-trained clinicians and hopes to run these groups in the new year 2022. If you believe this program may be useful for your child, please call the clinic on 5975 1500 and express your interest in joining one of these groups.


Program Objective

The program includes:

  • A pre-program consultation with the speech-language pathologist, which includes an assessment of your child and setting communication goals
  • Eight two and a half hour sessions for a small group of parents, led by the Hanen speech-language pathologist
  • Three individual video feedback sessions – you and your child are recorded while playing. Then you and the speech pathologist review and discuss the recording to see what’s working and how you can modify your use of the strategies to help your child



How does the Hanen approach fit with NDIS?


  1. NDIS is concerned with you and your child reaching goals and achieving aspirations The Hanen approach supports your family in two main ways: • Assisting you to set realistic and achievable communication goals for your child; and • Helping you learn and apply specific language-building strategies to support your child to achieve those goals.


  1. NDIS focusses on increasing your child’s social participation Hanen’s evidence-based programs are aimed at building the social and communication skills that lay the foundation for successful interactions and long-term social success. Many families who attended Hanen programs reported that they and their children are interacting and communicating better together as a result, and that they’re spending more time together and enjoying the interactions more


  1. NDIS wants to ensure that goals are attained in a cost-effective way Evidence shows that parents learning how to assist their child’s communication can be as effective, and in some areas more effective, than a specialist working directly 1:1 with the child. In the long run, parent-implemented intervention is more costeffective because investing in a limited number of hours supporting parents’ learning results in many more hours of support for the child. The speech pathologist is there to assist you to work out appropriate goals for your child, to help you learn the most effective strategies for attaining those goals (and why), and to show you how and when to fine tune them for your child’s needs. If you opt for a Hanen group parent program, the NDIS dollars will stretch even further, and you will have the benefit of sharing ideas with and learning from other parents who are in a similar situation.


  1. NDIS wants to ensure that the services you choose are based on best practice and grounded in research The Hanen approach has a firm evidence base and uses best practice principles of adult education to support your learning. This ensures that you truly absorb the information and can apply it effectively with your child in different contexts. Your speech pathologist will explain why s/he is suggesting a particular strategy for your child at any point in time, and how you could be using it in the situations where children learn language best – everyday conversations. Decision making about goals and strategies will be in consultation with you, and align with your realistic goals for yourself and your child.


  1. The NDIS is keen to support what the child’s family, carers and network can realistically provide The principle aim of a Hanen program is to help families support their child’s communication goals during the everyday situations that are already happening in the child’s life. In this way, parents aren’t left feeling they have to ‘carve out’ extra time in their day to “do Hanen strategies”. Instead, the strategies become a natural part of how those in the child’s environment interact with him/her.

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