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Hanen: More Than Words 



More Than Words: A Parent’s Guide to Building Interaction and Language Skills for Autistic children or children with Social Communication Difficulties.

Some social communication difficulties that children may begin to have include, paying attention to you, talking to you, using eyes to collect information, and understanding what you say. These are all indicators that perhaps your child could benefit from Speech Pathology input and the application of strategies involved in the More Than Words Program by Hanen.

More Than Words – The Hanen Program, is a therapy approach that aims to teach parents how to help their children interact naturally and communicate within their environments by providing facilitated opportunities. The involvement of parents is pivotal to this approach as the emphasis should be drawn to the fact that:

  • parents know their children best,
  • parents care most about their children and
  • parents are the most consistent and important presence in their child’s early years of development.

When: Our Hanen program will be recommencing in Term 3 2022. 

Where: ZOOM and Home Visits 

Cost: $3500 – includes 29 hours of contact and More than Words book

If you believe this program may be useful for your child, please call the clinic on 5975 1500 (Option 1) and express your interest in joining one of these groups.

For more information on More Than Words, please visit


Program Objective

Speech Pathologists apply strategies to optimise opportunities for children who experience these difficulties by targeting skills relating to a child’s attention, back-and-forth interactions, imitation, auditory comprehension, and play. These skills aren’t just vital to a child’s language development but for their overall social communication development.

This program is led by Hanen Certified Speech-Language Pathologists, who guide parents in the application of More Than Words strategies.



  • Supported by research studies
  • The programs have been running for years and are backed by clinical expertise.
  • “An effective treatment program for young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) should be based on sound research. The More Than Words Program is based on a large body of research that has shown that children learn to communicate within positive, meaningful interactions with their parents and caregivers and that, when parents become more responsive and sensitive to their children’s communication, the children’s communication skills improve.” 
  • Want to know more? Click through to Hanen

 How does the Hanen approach fit with NDIS?

“NDIS is concerned with you and your child reaching goals and achieving aspirations The Hanen approach supports your family in two main ways:

  1. Assisting you to set realistic and achievable communication goals for your child; and
  2. Helping you learn and apply specific language-building strategies to support your child to achieve those goals.


NDIS focusses on increasing your child’s social participation Hanen’s evidence-based programs are aimed at building the social and communication skills that lay the foundation for successful interactions and long-term social success. Many families who attended Hanen programs reported that they and their children are interacting and communicating better together as a result, and that they’re spending more time together and enjoying the interactions more.” (From brochure)

Program Architects

headshot of kate

Danielle Vidoni

Speech Pathology 

headshot of tanya

Jessie Georgy

Speech Pathologist