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Thursday 11-13 Girls

Term 3 (10 Weeks)



Program description

This group is run for teenage girls with social skills difficulties, to create a supportive and encouraging group environment to teach social skills and allow for functional practice with age-matched peers under the supervision of speech pathologists. 

For all enquiries, or join our 11-13 year old girls social skills group please phone Peninsula Speech Plus on 5975 1500.


    Skills Targeted

    Often, people with social skills difficulties benefit and require continued support and intervention. Subsequently, many of the girls have been in the group for a few years and continue to strongly benefit from it and enjoy it. Due to this, and because each participant is different and has different goals, session topics are decided based off the group needs for that term. It is also essential that the topics remain flexible, so for example, if a participant mentioned difficulty with messaging online, the next week could cover cyber safety (as well as liaising with the parents).    

    Program Architects

    Janet Ramirez

    Occupational Therapist 

    Hayley Serong

    Allied Health Assistant