We are excited about being able to welcome people back into the clinic.

Our strategy with Covid has always been measured and in response to government regulations, our professional organisations and our local circumstances.  We acknowledge that this means our strategy alters when new information becomes available.  We ask for patience during these times. Our motivation is to find the middle ground to protect our team and community and provide the support everyone needs.

Is Peninsula Speech plus team Vaccinated?
Our team is vaccinated in line with government regulations

COVID – Conditions of entry
As of Friday 22nd of October, we will be opening the clinic up to face to face sessions. This is open to people 12 and over who have at least one vaccination (two required by the 26th of November). Children under 12 are welcomed regardless of vaccination status.  Masks are required.

What this means for people over 12 years
To enter any of our clinics you will need to show your vaccination certificate.  You can present your certificate from the mygov website on your smartphone or via a printed certificate.  Proof of vaccination is your responsibility.
If you don’t have it with you, you will not be able to enter.

If you are not vaccinated, please call our Customer service team on 03 59751500 or contact your therapist to discuss how we can support you during this time.

Why are some therapists still only offering telepractice sessions when I am fully vaccinated?
Our aim is to protect everyone.  Some of our team may choose to stay on telepractice/virtual visits until vaccination rates are higher and local cases are lower.  Our team have the right to protect themselves and the vulnerable people they live with.

What will happen when we attend?
Our waiting rooms are closed.  We ask that you wait in your car or outside the clinic door until your appointment time.  Our Customer Service team will check your vaccination status.  Your clinician will collect you from outside and take you straight to the clinic room.  At the end of the session, you will be taken back to the reception area.  We ask that only essential family members attend.

Does Pen Speech Plus have a COVID cleaning policy?
Yes, we do!  We have invested in the latest cleaning sprays to protect everyone from COVID -19.  Our clinic rooms are cleaned after each client.  You may be asked by your clinician to bring toys from home.  This helps us with our cleaning but also means that your child is interacting and practising with their toys.  This makes it easier to transfer skills and practise to home.

Will this change?
Yes, what we have learnt during this time is that we need to be flexible.  There will be updates from the state governments.  We have contingency plans and these will be communicated if and when needed.

Can we see the therapist in a park?
We know that open-air venues are safer than indoors.  So yes, if a visit to the park is something that the therapist and family are comfortable with, we will see you in the park.
To discuss whether this is a suitable option for you, please call our Customer service team on 03 59751500 or contact your therapist.

When will groups go to face to face?
For the moment groups will remain online.  This will be reviewed once the public vaccination levels have reached 80%.  This decision is a prudent course of action to balance safety with the high density we experience with face to face groups.

Is this discrimination?
Vaccination status is not a protected attribute under the Equal Opportunity Act. This means that discrimination law doesn’t protect those who choose not to get vaccinated. Only people who have a protected attribute under the Equal Opportunity Act. (disability, medical exemption, religious beliefs & activity) are protected.  In line with the Act, we will accept documentation from medical practitioners.

A vaccination requirement can be authorised under work health and safety laws which require organisations to provide a safe working environment for their team and a safe environment for customers as far as is reasonably practicable and necessary.

Want to chat about this?  Give us a call.

Pen Speech Plus Team