The Easter Bunny and Bilby are hard at work getting ready for their deliveries! But in all the hustle and bustle, they found time to share some eggs-tra fun ideas for our friends at PSPS!

All you need is some fillable plastic eggs, found at most discount shops. I came across these larger ones at the supermarket.


Put little figures or cards containing the target sound your little one is working on inside the eggs.


Word family eggs

Great for practicing rhyming or sounding out words.



Put little figures or pictures of vocabulary targets (animals/body parts/foods etc) into the eggs.

Your little one might name the item, describe it, or pick two eggs and compare/contrast the things they find inside.


Following directions

Fill your plastic eggs with actions containing the target concept or number of steps you’re working on.

And don’t forget, we have our annual Easter Competition at the rooms in Mornington. If you can guess the number of eggs in the jar, you can win the lot!! If you’re not coming into our rooms, please let your therapist know your guess to be in the running for a chocolaty victory!

We hope you enjoy an Easter twist on your speech therapy activities these term holidays!