Another app we like is ‘Pepi bath(Lite version).

This app has a boy and a girl who need some help to wash their clothes and get ready in the morning. This app is very interactive and lots of fun. This app does not have any spoken vocabulary so you can build in questions and model language to target so many language areas.

Some ideas could include:

  • Targeting pronoun use:
    • e.g., He needs … It is … It belongs to him.  She needs … It is her …I t belongs to her
  • Building awareness about clothing and/or daily items in the bathroom:
    • Name each item of clothing before you put it in the washing machine and/or name each toiletry item before you use it.
  • Teaching basic location words:
    • e.g., in the washing machine/on the line
  • Building oral language:
    • Ask questions about where the boy/girl might have been? (e.g., outside/in the mud) and link this to an experience your child might have had.
  • Teaching action words:
    • e.g., brushing, washing, cutting etc.
  • Developing past tense use:
    • e.g., I brushed the girl’s hair. I cut her nails etc.
  • Modelling concepts:
    • e.g., ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’, ‘wet’ and ‘dry’, ‘long’ and ‘short’, ‘on’ and ‘off’ etc.
  • Building phonological awareness skills:
    • e.g., How many syllables/beats are in brushing? What’s a word that rhymes with ‘hair’? What’s the first sound in ‘hand?’ etc.

I’m sure you’ll come up with more ideas! Have fun!!!