Most of us look forward to Christmas and all the wonderful food that comes with it. Many of our children struggle with the sensory aspects of food particularly colour, smell, taste and texture and are reluctant to eat or even touch many food types. Christmas can be a difficult time for these little guys with so many new and colourful foods on offer. Our food therapy groups focus on helping children move along the continuum of tolerating the sight, touch and taste of challenging foods by encouraging food interaction through play. Here are some great ideas you can do at home to make Christmas themed food fun!

Reindeer – Brown Bread, cheese, vegemite, tomato

Christmas Tree  – Pretzels, Snow Pea Crackers (Asian section at the supermarket), Cheese

Turkey Snowmen – Turkey discs, Dried Cranberries, Pretzel sticks

Candy Canes – Banana and Strawberry

I got these ideas and more from Pinterest.

Check out this link for more inspiration –

Merry Christmas everyone!