Playgroup in the Park

Playgroup in the Park

This Speech and OT group takes therapy to the naturalistic environment of the park. Playgroup in the park will develop social skills,  language skills, gross motor skills and more.

We are running three groups for different age groups

To create a learning experience to educate and empower parents to support their children to develop social skills in a safe environment supported by SP and OT

  1. Entering play/closing play
  1. Turn-taking skills/sharing
  1. Basic emotional regulation (parent coaching)

    Week 1 Mon/Wed/Fri 

    Session 1- Introduction to inclusivity, acceptance and respect. Group goal setting session with parents only (Zoom or in clinic).

    Session 2- Observation/getting to know the children. Goal refining.

    Session 3- Basic emotional regulation activities/parent education followed by Freeplay/practice


    Week 2 Mon/Tues

    Session 4- Turn-taking activities/parent education followed by Freeplay/practice.

    Session 5- Entering and closing play (e.g. initiate play, greetings and farewells.)

    When: Monday 11th Wednesday 13th, Friday 15th, Monday 18th and Wed 20th of January

    Where: Zoom and Dunns Road.

    Cost: $450

    Parents must stay with their children