Ready for Teenhood

Ready for Teen-hood

A practical way for adolescents to engage in functional routines and skills in a social group environment. The group aims to prepare and promote independence for adolescents to enable them to engage in their everyday lives and prepare for future life roles. This is a creative group to learn skills that are focused on teenagers and their development to ready them before they reach adulthood.

This includes:
* Travel planning and commutes
* Developing confidence and aspirations for future life roles
* Learning about community interactions
* Managing money and counting change
* Organising hangouts/catch-ups with friends
* Taking care of clothes and physical appearance/basic maintenance of hygiene

– Girls group aged 11 – 14
– Boys group aged 11 – 14

– Frankston clinic – 16 Davey St Frankston

– Girls – Tuesday, January 14th and 21st
– Boys – Friday, January 10th and 17th

Cost:  $320

If you are not known to Pen Speech Plus a 30 min intro appointment is needed to ensure that we meet all of your goals.


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November 17, 2019