Social Skills Program

Social thinking groups are based on the work of  Michelle Garcia Winner.

Social thinking is what we do when we interact with people – we think about them. How we think about people affects how we behave, how others respond to us, and our own emotions.

Communication with our peers, teachers and family is incredibly important as we move through our education.  Effective communication is made not only of words and sentences but relies heavily on our social thinking skills.  Thinking socially is what we do when we’re around others, when we send an email, sit in a classroom, line up at the grocery store, read a work of fiction, watch a funny video, participate in a business meeting, drive in traffic, and engage in a host of other daily activities that involve social interpretation. We consider the context; take in the thoughts, emotions, and intentions of the people; and (when needed) use that information to determine how we respond. How we think about people affects how we behave, which in turn affects how others respond to us, which in turn affects our internal and external emotional responses. It’s an incredibly complex process that most of us take for granted.  When we don’t do this our communication can be ineffective and it can change the way others think about us.


In the social skills group, we will be exploring social thinking concepts.  We know that Social skills are not to be memorised; social competencies evolve across our lifetime.  Our social competencies are just as critical in adulthood as they are earlier in life.  Therefore, it is important that we teach students strategies and ways to interpret social situations so that they can be independent and made the necessary adjustments in social exchanges.

Social learning is an ongoing process and will continue beyond this 8-week program.

Our social skills sessions develop children’s skills to think about others and how to modify their behaviours in response. Sessions develop theory of mind, perspective, self-awareness and others, body language, the way we talk, conversation skills and assertiveness. Group sessions are run for Preschoolers through to Secondary Students in the clinic. Classroom sessions are also run in schools and kindergartens

Programs running during Term time.

Teenage Grils Social – Frankston Monday 4 pm
9-11-year-old boys – Mornington Monday 4 pm
Preschool groups in Mornington on Tuesdays (during the day)
8-11year old girls  Frankston, Tuesday 4 pm to 5pm
Upper Primary boys in Mornington on Tuesdays 4 pm
Mid Primary boys in Mornington on Wednesday at 4 pm
Teen Boys Frankston Thursday 4 pm
11-13 year girls Mornington Thursday 4pm
Early Primary Mornington Friday 1.00 pm
Prep in Mornington on Fridays 2.30 pm