SPOT ON – Speech and Occupational Therapy groups

Introducing the first of our SPOT ON groups  –  (SPeech and OT)

Activities of Daily Living Group

Activities of Daily Living or ADLs are the tasks that you and your child do every day, such as getting dressed, eating/cooking food, brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, cleaning your house, playing with toys, going to work, going to school and many more.

We often take these activities for granted because we are able to do them easily however, your child might take longer to complete these tasks or not understand where to start at all. If your child struggles with these ADL’s at home, this group is a perfect place for them to not only start learning how to complete these tasks independently but also understanding the importance of ADL’s.

The group will include play-based practical strategies kids can use to complete daily living tasks. Additionally, being in a group setting would allow them to learn from their peers and understand that other children may also find it difficult to complete these tasks, bringing in a sense of inclusion.

Children will be grouped into appropriate age groups.

Older children will focus on:
Cooking (cutting, stirring, using recipes), Grooming (brushing, appearance, hygiene) and Fine motor skills (buttons, zips, craft)

Younger Children will focus on:
Dressing (buttons, zips, shoelaces and clothing), Grooming (hair brushing, teeth) Fine motor skills (craft activities) Cooking (cutting, stirring and following a recipe. Sequencing).

Older children  – 9th 10th 11th April
Younger children – 16th 17th 18th April

To book – 03 5975 1500

Where: 16 Davey Street Frankston

When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.30-11.30am

Cost – $420