Come and join us for an exciting Social Skills Intensive Holiday Program

Academy students will learn about their unthinkables and how to train them to think with their eyes, detect difficult situations and increase their ability to make flexible decisions.  This group is targeted at 6-10 year olds. 

When: July school Holidays  (3 sessions X 2 hours) Monday, Tuesday Wednesday

Where: 16/1140 Nepean Highway, Mornington

What we will do:

  • Learn about the unthinkables as well as strategies to combat them
  • Increase awareness of situations where unthinkables lurk.
  • Learn ways to be flexible thinkers.
  • We will use superflex terminology, through watching videos, playing games and role play.

Cost: $425 (private) $435 (funding agency) Prepayment is required to reserve a place.

To book in please contact the clinic on 59 751 500 or via email