Early intervention teacher of the Deaf

Our Early intervention Teacher of the Deaf is Bec McDonald.

Bec works with families to identify their child’s strengths and needs – in line with their NDIS goals where appropriate.

She supports and listens to families to identify their preference in communication mode for their child, whether that be listening and spoken language or some key word sign/Auslan or other visual communication support system.

She works with families and clients to build understanding of hearing loss, device management and  advocates for their child’s access to listening/communication in a range of settings.

Bec uses both formal assessments, parent and educator feedback and observations to identify strengths and needs in developing listening/audition, receptive and expressive language, social skills, play, early literacy, emotional well-being, theory of mind, deaf identity, communication breakdown repairs.

Specific speech articulation needs are best supported by the speech pathologists, however, working as a team around the child to ensures they have the best access possible to spoken language is an important component for success. The child will only say what they can hear.

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