Telepractice is here to stay Peninsula Speech Plus are always innovating to bring you the best possible support. Our practitioners are always updating and extending their skills and approaches in delivery best of quality service.


Over recent years we have been exploring and developing our Telepractice (Telehealth) capability.

This work has proven beneficial in supporting our rapid shift to currently providing 100% of our services online in response to COVID-19.

If you’ve ever used Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts or any number of video call applications then you already know about the basics of how Tele-practice works.

Our clinicians are all experienced Telepractitioners and can guide you through the process, answer any concerns and ensure that you get the best outcomes in working towards your therapy goals.  Telepractie provides the flexibility you may need when accessing sessions. 

We have seen great success in one-on-one and group contexts. Clients who have had difficulty accessing a speech or occupational therapy service in their local area, clients looking for a change and clients on the move now all have access to our fabulous team at Peninsula Speech Plus.

It brings you and the therapist together for sessions no matter where you are located.

Increase Capacity and Reach

Fully rolling out our telepractice capability has also expanded our capacity to assist a broader range of clients.


Telepractice means that we are able to provide continuity for our community – critical to the ongoing achievement of therapy goals.


Tele-practice, also known as Telehealth, is all about using the video call capability on your phone, tablet or computer.

Zoom / Cliniko

At Peninsula Speech Plus, we use video conferencing platforms called Cliniko and Zoom. These services provide a high performance, fully secure environment to conduct video calls between clinicians and clients.

Cliniko does not require any special software to be installed and can be accessed from any computer, laptop, iPad or tablet that has internet access. Zoom requires the download of an app for your phone/iPad and computer.  This is easy and straightforward.  We can support you.  

We are running both programs to provide options to our clients.  People have different internet connections.  We can use the program that works best.

The Wonders of Virtual Visits

In March 2020 lockdowns shut us into our rooms and all of the joys of life were taken away in a press conference at 1 pm on the tele, we were all in a state of uncertainty and worry. Everything was cancelled; friends, fun, the park, even school and of course your...

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