I love these blocks. They are one of the most versatile resources I have and I am still discovering new ways to use them in therapy. Here’s a few examples;

“Talking Towers” (can also be done using duplo blocks or similar)

  • articulation, build a tower saying your sound / syllable /word / sentence correctly. Choose a colour for your child and a different one for you (parent), then have them ‘win’ yours off you for correct production. If they make an error you get to win one of theirs. Cruel, I know, but amazingly effective – especially for competitive clients!
  • ditto for fluency.
  • topic maintenance, add a block as you comment on a specific topic.
  • conversational turn taking – add your colour block for each turn you take in a ‘conversation’ – this is a very good visual for showing if the conversation is balanced or monopolised by one person
  • language – giving directions / requests (particularly when working on position, size or colour terms) or use as visual reinforcement for correct use of your target structure


Happy building! – Margo

P.S. The blocks in the picture are Imagi Bricks. They are available online from several places. We have ordered them from Fishpond in the past.