Reusable sticker books are endless fun for children 3 and up, with the best part being that they can be used over and over again (and are easy to remove from surfaces!).

We love using reusable sticker books in the clinic. They are a great way to target so many areas of therapy. Have a look at our lists below, which are certainly not exhaustive, and see if any are relevant to your child


  • Ocean scenes are great to practice the ‘s’ sound: sand, sea, seal, starfish, scuba diver, seaweed, sand castle. They are also great to practice the ‘sh’ sound: shark, fish, shallow, shore, share, ship, shell.
  • Space scenes are great to practice the ‘r’ sound: rocket, rocks, really fast/slow, rover, rings, race. They are also great for ‘s’ blends: space, spaceman, spaceship, star, stardust.
  • Playground scenes are great to practise ‘s’ blends: slide, swing, slow, slip, stomp. They are also great to practice ‘l’ blends: slide, play, fly, slip, climb.


  • Following directions is easy to target with sticker books. Depending what stage your child is at, you might ask them to:
  • Put the umbrella next to the rock.
  • Put the boy on the slide.
  • Put the rocket next to the red planet.

You can tailor your directions to your child’s ability.

  • Location concepts: in, on, under, between, next to, left, right, in the middle – the list goes on! Have your child pick a sticker, then tell you where they are going to put it.
  • Requesting for stickers is also able to be targeted with this resource. Your child might be working on: I want ______, ______ please, Can I have ______. Get them to request for a sticker with their phrase before you give it to them.
  • Pronouns: he, she, his, hers, they etc. Reusable sticker books that have people (fairies, emergency services, pirates, dolls) can be used to work on pronouns. Have your child stick the people on the scene and ask them:
  • “What is the _____ doing?”
  • “What are the _____ doing?”
  • “Whose car is that?”


There is such a great variety of reusable sticker books available. We love using farm scenes, zoo scenes, house scenes, transport scenes, food scenes and play ground scenes to teach vocabulary. The child can ask for a sticker by pointing to it, and name it following a model from the adult.

Reusable Sticker Books that Peninsula Speech love!

At Peninsula Speech we have lots of different reusable sticker books that we use and love.

We have some from Kmart which you can find in their kid’s craft section and are at a great price point. We also have some from Melissa & Doug and Workman Publishing which are available online and in some specialised toy stores. They offer a great selection of stickers and scenes but are slightly more expensive than the Kmart books.

Let us know how you use reusable sticker books