You don’t have to look far to find motivating toys to work on speech and language goals. Often the gems are found in your house.  In the clinic I am loving Trash Packs coupled with the Trash Pack truck.

Trash Packs are mini squashy pieces of rubber with disgusting faces and shapes.  This makes them a hit with the boys.  My young male client’s eyes light up when they walk in and see the trash cans and truck on the table.

I start with the trashies in their bins.  Depending on the sounds we are working on, each trashy has a name with the target sounds.  For example recently I have been walking on p,b – so they were called Bob, Pop and Bobby.  When working on p,b,m with t, d they are called Pat, Mat, Ned and Betty.  I also try to incorporate a verb with the target sound which is presented as a short phrase.  E.g. Pop out Bobby.  Depending on the level, the play can be extended to incorporate more words – For example: Does Bobby want to drive?  Put bobby in the seat.  Hang on Bobby.

If you need a list of target words, just ask your clinician.

I have also used these in a more traditional way where the student says a target word and then is rewarded with a Trash Pack character.

Shopkins or Party Animals can work in the same way. In fact any toy which can have a name and be used with an action can be used in this manner.

The options are endless.   Have fun!